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Through the canvas of art, the verses of poetry, and the tapestry of lived experiences, we hope to create a connection through words and feelings.

Who We Are


Welcome to PAGESOFTHEMIND, a vibrant intersection where art, storytelling, and mental well-being converge in a symphony of creativity. Founded by Ben Hodgson in November of 2023, our platform is not just a space; it’s a canvas where we explore the vivid hues of life’s stories and advocate for mental health through the power of art.

Our Origin Story

In the inception of PAGESOFTHEMIND, Ben envisioned a space that transcends the ordinary—a platform to embrace art in its myriad forms and harness its ability to spark meaningful conversations. With a mission to elevate awareness around mental health, we embark on a journey where every stroke, every verse, and every shared experience contributes to a collective narrative.


Curious minds often wonder, why the name PAGESOFTHEMIND? When asked, our founder Ben shared his belief that our lives are akin to a compelling book. Each chapter unfolds with its unique storyline, and within those pages, we find the essence of who we are. It’s a literary journey where we can revisit our past, much like turning back to the pages of a cherished novel.

The Creative Behind the Scenes

Ben, the creative mind steering this ship, has always been drawn to the allure of innovation. His entrepreneurial spirit manifested in previous ventures, including a clothing brand that found its way into the trendy landscape of Ibiza. And then there was Ventureseed Capital, a consultancy firm whose name raised a few eyebrows—prompting laughter as family members humorously suggested it sounded like a sperm bank.

Our commitment

At PAGESOFTHEMIND, we’re not just creating a platform; we’re cultivating a community. A community where stories are told, art is celebrated, and mental health is championed. Join us in this dynamic tapestry where every page turned is an exploration, a celebration, and an invitation to embrace the diverse stories that shape

Come, be a part of our narrative at PAGESOFTHEMIND, where every page speaks, and every mind is a canvas waiting to be adorned.