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"How does one start his writing journey?"

How the journey started

My Writing Story

In the whirlwind of 2021, I found myself grappling with some mental health hurdles. Seeking solace, I turned to the therapeutic realms of journaling—filling pages with the chaotic dance of my thoughts. Fast forward a few months, and against all odds, I found myself back in the vibrant universe of online dating (cue the ever-so-slightly sarcastic undertone here).

Now, picture this: me armed with an orange ukulele, creating custom songs to unsuspecting matches. Why, you ask? How did this even happen? Don’t worry I am as confused as you are.


Regardless of the question marks, it turned out to be a surprising success. Despite my questionable vocal prowess and a shaky ukulele performance, my knack for rhyming became the unexpected hero of the show.

In that moment, a little light bulb flickered above my head. Could my journal entries be more than just ramblings? Could they be poetry? And just like that, the journal metamorphosed into a book. Then, like a literary domino effect, one book became another.

So, if you’re wondering how my journey through mental health struggles led to serenades with an orange ukulele and the birth of not one, but two books, you’re not alone. Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns, and the story writes itself in rhymes and verses. And hey, who knew that a questionable ukulele solo could be the enabler to a poetic adventure?

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