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At PAGESOFTHEMIND, we believe that stories are bridges connecting us all. Our founder, Ben Hodgson, brings the same authenticity and passion that pulses through his books to the stage in captivating talks that transcend traditional boundaries.

Book a Talk - Unfiltered Dialogues

Ben Unplugged...

Step into the realm of “Unfiltered Dialogues” with Ben Hodgson. These talks are not just presentations; they’re candid conversations, open table discussions, and powerful narratives. Whether you’re inviting Ben to your business or joining an intimate gathering around the table, prepare to embark on a journey through the unfiltered lens of lived experiences.

Topics as Diverse as Life Itself

Our talks are as diverse as the chapters in Ben’s books. From open and honest discussions about mental health to the intricate dance between creativity and business, each talk is a unique exploration of the rich tapestry of life. Ben shares his key learnings, challenges, and triumphs, inviting you to delve into the nuances that shape his compelling storyline.

Tailored Experiences

Whether you’re a book club seeking an in-depth analysis or a business aiming to infuse creativity into your culture, our talks can be tailored to suit your needs. Ben doesn’t just speak; he engages, resonates, and leaves a mark.


How to Book Ben

Booking Ben for a talk is easy. Simply navigate to the bottom of this page, where you’ll find details on how to invite Ben to your event, business, or book club. Choose from a range of topics or collaborate with Ben to craft a bespoke experience tailored to your audience.