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Quick, Quirky and Quill-Powered (Two Truths and a lie - we're still working on that quill part!)

The Quick Ink Times

What is it?

The Quick Ink Times has been created by our founder, Ben. You might be wondering: is this just another email fading into the vast abyss of your inbox, or is it the newsletter sensation you’ve been waiting for? Well, we’ll let you decide.

In a world where attention spans are like a goldfish on espresso, “The Quick Ink Times” is your answer. Tailored read-more options, so you can go from a quick chuckle to a deep dive – all at your own pace. Because, let’s face it, sometimes our concentration is a fickle friend.

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Thanks a ton for hanging in there as we’ve been a bit mysterious about what “The Quick Ink Times” truly is. Let us lift the veil for you.

Ben, our founder, spills the beans on his adventures and writings. Picture a golden retriever with a typewriter – that’s Ben for you, depending on who you ask. As he conquers mountains, befriends strangers, and travels around the globe, he weaves these tales in his signature, quirky style.

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