Journal Entries

Ramblings From Austin to Boston

A collection of journal entries between 8/15/17-8/24/17

Writer’s Block and Challenging Myself

It was a jolt to me when my writing shuttered to a halt. Right when I felt like I was hitting a stride with the flash fiction. I don’t know why my ideas froze.

Travel Desperations

Do you know what is a terrible thing to deal with? Dreaming of traveling to so many different places but being terrified to go.

The Heart vs. The Mind

I do not know why my mind and heart contend so passionately against one another. My mind constantly searching for signs of menace; fearing only uncertainty that the heart cannot see. Perhaps the heart can sense menace too but just chooses to ignore it. How can the risks not be worried about? Most moments of merit where my mind allowed positive thoughts were merely a cowl. Concealing the true nature of what I came to trust wholly and found regretting by the time I realized my errors. The overwhelming ratio of distrust to truth have made the idea of emotional bonding just a dream, or so it may seem at this time.

Denver Decisions

Decisions. Decisions.

It’s always nice to find moments where people in your life show that they will be there if they can. Like when you decide on a last minute trip to Denver for the sake of just getting away.