Creative Writing

Ramblings From Austin to Boston

A collection of journal entries between 8/15/17-8/24/17

Fight or Flight

Clawed hands reached out towards him, the figure shrouded in black smoke. Angelo’s gloves were already glowing blue. His eyes gleamed the same blue, almost illuminating the room around him. 

Journal Top 5: Why you need a notebook

Some call it diary and some a notebook. No matter the name you give them everyone should have a journal at their side. Here are my Top 5 reasons why!

Writer’s Block and Challenging Myself

It was a jolt to me when my writing shuttered to a halt. Right when I felt like I was hitting a stride with the flash fiction. I don’t know why my ideas froze.

A Bullet

Chains bound to his wrists clinked as he shook with rage on his knees.

“All you need to do is give me the names,” another man said coolly as he peered through the scope of his rifle. Which was now purposely pointed out the smashed window.